(Potential) Future Projects


Einstein Exhibition on Tour in North Korea

Organizing Albert Einstein Exhibition on Tour in North Korea would cost ca. CHF 500,000.


Establish an Einstein House in South Korea

Establishing an Einstein House in South Korea for all our research affiliates to collaborate on the EINSTEIN-KIM PROJECT. At the present without any common infrastructure facilities, each of our research affiliates works separately at home or in a tiny shared room on university campus. We have identified a possible property for sale at CHF 600,000, not just to house research & development resources and enable seminars, workshops but also to create inter-faith dialogue and connections and lines of communication between North Koreans and other nationalities.

Under the premise that Einstein’s Political Philosophy provides the ideal future society of the humanity of the 21st Century globally, it is proposed that a Research Center be established where Einstein’s thoughts on Peace, War, Society and Politics are researched.  Einstein’s passion for social justice and enduring pacifism must be propagated throughout the world. Therefore, we propose that Einstein Houses be built, first in Panmunjom and then in all the great cities of the world. The purpose is that these Einstein houses serves as the meeting place for the people whose share in the idea of Einsteinian Pacifism and Social Justice to meet, discuss and organize events that at once social and academic.


Einstein Peace International School

Einstein Peace International School, an experimental boarding school where Einsteinian concepts of pacifism, creativity and social justice are nurtured –in short, a new breed of intellectual and moral leaders of the future.  The first such school is to be located in North Korea or DMZ, at Panmunjom.  Kim Jongeun might find this idea to his liking, as he would then be able to present his country to the rest of the world as Peace-loving country in the spirit of Einstein’s (pacifism, neutrality, anti-nulcear monopoly).  Eventually, it is porposed that such a school be opened in Switzerland, in USA and at many different parts of the world.  Budget: a preliminary preparatory budget of one million dollars to hire staff, write up the Einsteinian Educational Philosophy and Mission as well as create Einstrinian Peace Curricula, to be published as books. Afterwards, the construction of the school building at about 20 Million Dollars and the staffing of the school, reruiting students, and the operational expenses for another 10 Million. Total: for the first two years, 50 Million Dollars.

We are currently in contact with several eminent specialists/professors to appoint to distinguished professorships for EINSTEIN-KIM PROJECT.