Holistic Vocational Training for North Korea

Project Goals:

The Einstein Project aims at helping North Koreans via a holistic vocational training program and/or curriculum development research.

Tailored to needs and demands of North Koreans, the Project will be targeted at North Koreans whose job is blocked by lack of access to vocational training, information, networks, and teaching materials by experts with minimum 10 years experience of teaching and research at the university or vocational schools.

Need for the innovations of vocational Training System for North Korea:

1. Vocational training for North Korea is not only a necessity for encouraging reform in the present but will also be of utmost importance to the country once it completely opens up to the rest of the world. It is at this time that North Korea will be in need of much assistance and have greater opportunities for engagement and exchange with other nations than any other time in its history. Having access to new information and technologies will undoubtedly fuel an eagerness for development and desire for access to new knowledge, for which innovative vocational training will play a substantial role.

2. The innovation of vocational education system for North Korea is very much needed in order to enhance the employment rate of young people.

3. Any cooperative effort to develop vocational abilities of North Korean workers should be carried out based on the concepts of peaceful co-existence, mutual benefit, and complementation in the short-term, and in the long-term to try to achieve the structural and qualitative development of North Korean human resources.