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S. Kim

Descended, on both parents’ sides, from North Korea. He studied Computer Science and Cybernetics at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich), and completed Dr. Phil. at Univ. Berne. He has been affiliated with ETH Zurich, M.I.T. and Stanford Univ as a Visiting Professor.

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K. Hong

Received Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics Philosophy of Physics from MIT and taught at many leading universities of north America, Europe, and Korea.

He has several relatives who played important roles during the foundational period of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). He is one of the most influential art-cultural critic in Korea today.


F. Seligson

Of Jewish descent, having lived in Korea for almost 50 years

J.D. Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington; U.S. Peace Corps Lawyer for the Ministry of Land Reform and Administration, Ethiopia; author of the Land Ceilings Proclamation, etc.


Prof. Dr. Kyu Kim

Dr. Phil. in political science, Univ. Wurzburg, former visiting Professor at Harvard Univ.


Prof. Dr. Wu Kim

Ph.D. in EE, Univ. Michigan, former visiting Professor at Caltech, professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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Mr. Park Sang

Post Graduate of Literature at Yonsei University


Junior Members

Ji Yoon

Student of Psychology at Yonsei University

Yoon Kim

Student of Technology Management at Yonsei University

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Mr. Ji Seung

Student of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Yonsei University

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Mr. Kim Suk

Student of Business Administration at Yonsei University


Special Thanks

Mr. Baek Nak

Mr. Park Sang 

Mr. Kim Suk